Your order has been submitted!

Thank you for trusting us with your Final Expense Lead needs. Below is a walkthrough of what happens next.

However, if the need arises, please reach out:

Monday – Friday

9AM – 5PM est.


Phase 1: Order Processing & Approval

Our Service Team will process your order with in 24-48 business hours. During this time period, Your customized, state regulated final expense ad campaign, and data automation sequence is being reviewed and approved for advertising compliance. Orders placed after 5pm Monday through Friday, are typically processed the following day. If you have order TTC FEX leads before, they will deliver to the same Google Sheet as your previous order.

Phase 2: Access To Your FEX Leads

Once your Ad Campaign is approved, a member from our agent support team will send access to your Customized Google Sheet, to the email address you provided with your order. The Subject Line is this email will read “ACCESS TO YOUR LEADS”. Don’t forget to check your spam folder. Sometimes your email provider will send it there. Once you open the email, Please save the link to your lead sheet. All future orders will be delivered to this Google Sheet.

Phase 3: FEX Lead Delivery

Now that you have access to your Customized Google Lead Sheet, your ad campaign is likely running and starting to generate activity leads. The speed of delivery is determined mostly by the amount of orders pending in the location you chose. Some states may have slight delays in delivery due to an increased demand. However this does not affect the quality of your order.

We do our best to get your first Lead generated with in 24-72 business hours of your order.

Phase 4: FEX Lead Replacements

We offer lead replacements for any leads delivered outside of the perimeters that we guarantee within TTC leads Purchase agreement. Any Lead Replacements that qualify must be submitted via email within 72 hours of the lead being generated. Any leads outside of this time period will not be accepted. Please report your replacements with in a timely manner. Leads that qualify but are outside of this time frame will be replaced in the form of a lead credit towards your next order.

Phase 5: Dialing, Setting and Selling

Plug into our FEX Phone script that goes right along with the ad!