“John? Hey John, this is {AGENT NAME} calling you back in reference to the Facebook Post you responded to about the State Approved Burial Plans for {STATE} Residents.

The post I’m referring to is the one where you listed your favorite hobby down as {HOBBY}. I’m assuming you remember that?


(Yes) Ok great, so the purpose of my call today is to verify the information you submitted to us so that we can get this all sent out to you.

So first, you listed down your Date of Birth as ________. Is that Correct?

You also listed your street Address down as ______________ in {City}, is that correct?

Ok, Perfect. So my job is pretty simple, I’m just the field underwriter who’s been assigned to get these benefits out to you.

The nice part about these plans is you will NOT be required to submit any blood work or take a physical exam, but they DO ask that I set aside about 10-15 minutes with you to explain how the program works, and verify in person that you are not bedridden or hospitalized.

Do you have a spouse that who would be receiving these funds, if you passed away?

And her / his name is…..?

It looks like they’re dispatching me all the way out to {County} for the week. I still have a few openings left. Does tomorrow work for you AND {Spouses name} or would the day after be better?

Great. I have an opening on {Day} where I can stop by between ____ or _____ {time}. Which one of those works better for you and {Spouses Name}?”

Rebuttals to Common Objections

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