It’s Leads on Steroids…

Our Digital Pre-Generated Leads are not your regular Final Expense leads.

Thanks to our Smart AI-driven software we now have the ability to create consistent, smart lead packages using our internal TTC Lead Bank.

Each Lead order is created by our built-in AI to design each Final Expense Lead order with an even combination of leads generated within 21 days to a year.

Giving you access to a larger amount of quality Leads instantly and consistently while keeping your lead cost low and accessible.

A Final Expense Agents Dream…

✔️ Instant access to leads

✔️ Cherry pick your leads by County, State or Zip code

✔️ Access to each leads Estimated Income range and Desired Coverage amount


✔️ Traditional data included: Full Name | Hobby | DOB | Full Address | Phone number | Email 

✔️ Route sorted, Individual printable Lead forms with easy to use QR code (Sample Below)

✔️ Every Lead is generated using our high intent Ad copy you love and trust

✔️ Free custom Door Knocking route with starting address of your choice

✔️ Free Coaching Calls with our trusted Lead Coaches

✔️ US based customer service. NO OFF SHORE REPS!

✔️ Leads starting as low as $5 Each (For bulk orders)

✔️ Face to Face and Telesales

Find out why over 20,000

Final expense agents have trusted

us for years as their primary Lead Vendor


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